Posted by Jeanie Williams



The concept of “blooming where you are planted”has really changed my perspective on a few things.  This phrase actually originated in the Bible (Phil. 4:4-23). Essentially what it means to bloom where you are planted is to make the most of your current place in life regardless of any unpleasant circumstances. Don’t wait until something better comes around – start blooming beautiful flower!!

I lived in Desert Hot Springs California back in the 80’s where it is very hot! We lived with Prickly Pears in our front yard like the picture above. You can’t touch them, they are just for looking at, believe me, you will hurt if you get pricked. Like these desert flowers I began to bloom where I was “planted” to survive. I didn’t want to live there at first but I knew that God was using us to build a church there. I loved the little children that I would bring in with my yellow station wagon. Yes, yellow like the sun! I missed my dear mother so much. I did not like my circumstances at all. To make it there I had to change my thinking from despair to survival.

A person can change their life by changing the way they think. As I sat in the pit of depression, I began to see that my destructive thought patterns had become the greatest source of apprehension and anxiety in my life. My thoughts had become a vicious cycle of self condemnation and insecurity. The cycle had to be broken. I began to pray for direction, asking God to take control, knowing that only He could accomplish what I was asking.

Thoughts are real and powerful! Our actions, our attitudes, our habits are born in the mind … in our thought life. We can literally change our lives by changing what we think about. Isaiah 26:3 promises, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”  Peace and joy involve both the heart and the mind.  Wrong thinking will lead to wrong living.

I began to change, find peace and rest for the next five years that we lived there. My husband and I started to enjoy hiking up the mountainous desert and I saw many, many beautiful flowers and other wonderful creations of God.  When I opened wide my heart and eyes,  I became satisfied and  started blooming where I was planted. My memories of that time are now precious to me and my husband. We talk often of our  desert days with smiles.

What are you thinking about that is causing you such despair? Take come time to evaluate them to make sure that you are on the road to peace and victory. This is God’s plan for you. Enjoy your life in the presence of Him wherever you live. He can make your life WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!