Posted by Pastor David Williams

Try using this prayer as your own when you spend time with God. 


HEAVENLY FATHER, Cleanse me and set me completely and totally free today by the Holy Spirit, in the Great and Holy Name of JESUS CHRIST, I pray. Amen!!!
I, Paul Ciniraj  (say your name, for God asked Jacob his name and also God called Abraham by name, called Saul (St.Paul) by name) praying this over me and all of my household …………. (you can pray over your specific loved ones too, just name them as you pray these prayers).

1. I confess every sin of idolatry in my life.

2. I purge my life with the blood of JESUS and the fire of the Holy Ghost.

3. Every evil river flowing problems from my place of birth into my life, dry up in the name of JESUS.

4. Every inherited problem in my life, receive solution now in the name of JESUS.

5. Every evil dedication at my birth is nullified by the blood of JESUS.

6. I covenant myself to the blood of JESUS. Therefore any contrary covenant in my life breaks in the name of JESUS.

7. Every covenant of failure at the edge of breakthrough in my foundation I command you to break in the name of JESUS.

8. Every covenant of slow progress in my foundation breaks in the name of JESUS.

9. Every parental curse working against my foundation is nullified by the blood of JESUS.

10. Every satanic manipulation of my destiny is terminated in the name of JESUS.

11. I soak my blood with the blood of JESUS

12. Every witchcraft domination of my life be terminated in the name of JESUS

13. Every poison fed to me as a child, be purged out by the blood of JESUS

14. Every door of problem that idolatry has opened into my life, I close you now

15. Lord JESUS, everywhere I need deliverance, deliver me.

16. Every door of breakthrough that idolatry has closed against me is opened now.

17. Blood of Jesus speak promotion into my life

18. I commit all of my income and expenditure to be sealed by the precious blood of JESUS.

19. I commit my health, my life and death to be sealed by the precious blood of JESUS.


  1. I commit the house where we stay, its compound, all of the household things, our ministries, our journeys, our activities, our purposes, our prayers to be sealed by the precious blood of JESUS.21. I commit my wife, my children, all of my dear spiritual mummys and pappas, uncles and aunties, brothers and sisters, beloved partners and friends, our neighbours, all of these ones household and generations, their ministries and activities to be touched and healed by the nail starred hands of JESUS.22. Every blessing that God had purposed for me the rest of this year and the coming of years that I have not seen, I possess you now in the name of JESUS.23. Abba Yahveh, bless me and my generations indeed as You blessed Abraham, Issac and Jacob; as You heard the prayer and blessed Jabez; as You healed Hezekiah and added him more years in his life. God enlarge my boarder; Let Your hand might be with me; Keep me from harm so that it might not hurt me in MESSIAH YESHUA’S Name.


  1. Heavenly Father, keep all the Christian believers and the whole Church under your wings that everyone feels they are blessings of your love, and the grace of Christ Jesus and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.


  1. Abba Yahveh, bless all the people in this world, bless our leaders, bless our nations, bless the entire globe that they experience the deliverance from death through the salvation of Jesus Christ who alone crucified on the cross for all of our sins, died and risen up from the dead  to give us eternal life.


  1. God Almighty, Bless all the angels, bless each and every stars, planets and satellites, bless the milky ways, bless the whole universe with all of your creations that the entire universe be filled with your peace and glory in CHRIST JESUS’ Name.


  1. Begin to thank the Lord for answered prayers.AMEN and AMEN !!!

With Love and Shalom

In Jesus Christ

 Pastor Paul Ciniraj & Mercy Ciniraj,

Baseeliya, Devalokam (P.O),

Kottayam-686004, Kerala, India.